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Not sure your child has a delay? Take our quiz:            

  For parents

 1) My child does not speak like her/his peers.       ____No     ___Sometimes  ___Yes

 2) My child crawled around 7 months and walked at 1 year.  ____No      ___Yes  ___Not sure

 3) My 1 year old has 50 words either in one or more  than one language.  ___No     __Yes __Not Sure

 4) My child adds new words a lot. ____ No     ___Sometimes ___Yes

 5) My child understands spoken directions. ____No     ___Sometimes  __Yes

 6) My child repeats words or sounds when she/he talks.    ____No   ___Sometimes __Yes

 7) My child will only eat one thing or wear one shirt. ____No   __Sometimes  __Yes

 8) My child plays with her/his friends well and easily. ___No  __Sometimes __Yes

 9) My child has trouble reading and writing in school. ___No  __Sometimes __Yes

10) I have to repeat directions 3+ times. __ No    __Sometimes __Yes

11) My child is very messy/ unorganized. ___No   ___ Sometimes _Yes

     If you responded, "sometimes/not sure " or "no" to 5 or more questions your child may need speech or occupational            therapy. Call us with more questions or visit for a provider near you. 

For You or a Family Member

 1) Do you or a family member have a history of dysfluency?  ___Yes    ______No      ___Sometimes

  2) Did you or a family member have a stroke, or TBI?___Yes    ______No      ___Sometimes

  3) Is it hard to get organized? ___Yes    ______No      ___Sometimes

  4) Has reading or writing changed drastically -  not because you need new glasses? ____Yes    ______No      ___Sometimes


If you responded "Yes" to any of these questions an evaluation may be needed. Call us if you have questions or visit for someone near you. 

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