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Holdiay Gift Ideas

The Holiday season is upon us. What to get the person who has speech and language or OT needs? Here are some ideas that may be helpful. Any toy or game that requires two or more people to make it fun is a good speech and OT game. Look for turn taking games, games that require sequencing things, and games that might require cooperation to play.

1) Balls, Candy Land, Don't Wake Daddy, Guess Who, Apples to Apples, Feed the Woozle,Betty crocker oven

2) Games that require movement: balls, mitts, gloves, Sit -n- Spin, Feed the Woozle, Cranium Hullabaloo.

3) Games that require imagination: playdough, doll houses, kitchens, action figures, dress up, puppets.

We hope this Holdiay season brings joy and happiness to you and your family.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours

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