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MARCH : Noun AND Verb

This month, is both a noun and a verb. It is a month that moves us and one which provides us a place to reflect. It moves us closer to Spring via DAY LIGHT SAVINGS on March 11th, and it will bring us together in many places on both March 14th and March 24th, MARCHING for the end of gun violence.

March is Woman's History Month and it brings us the celebrations of Purim, Holi, Passover, Lent, International Women's Day, and International Happiness Day, which also falls on Persian New Year!

At GMT we are thinking about the intersection of nouns and verbs by working on our language and movement skills in ways that PROPEL us forward.

Additionally, in thinking about the International day of Happiness on March 20th, I am wondering how many words we can think of this month that reflect what happiness means to us, our families, our community, our cultures, our country, our world?

So here's the challenge: send us your pictures of the people, things,places (nouns) or the activities (verbs) which make you happy and win a prize at the office!

Happiness = M a r c h


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