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Happy March!

March has finally arrived. In New York City, the month has started with a flurry, as it will be snowing for many days this week. Last March, we looked forward to engaging in social activism, celebrating National Woman's Month by associating it with the verb "march". As concluded in the previous post,

Happiness = M a r c h


This year, I am still pondering how vocabulary influences the end of gun violence and celebrates amazing women. March is the time for awakening motivations for change and remaining joyful during the last dreary days of winter.

This March makes me think about superlatives such as "happy", "happier", and "happiest." To that point, I am challenging the visitors of Growing Minds Therapeutics to read. To pave the path to happiness, read the most books possible this month. I look forward to reaching our goal of reading 60 books and having a party!

Other ways to think about superlatives this month include: practicing your OT skills by drawing "big", "bigger" and "biggest", straight lines. You can also find three household items and label each as either "heavy", "heavier" or heaviest". Practice this at Growing Minds Therapeutics by timing the "longest" spin you had on the therapy swing. For those feeling adventurous and energetic, compare your jumps on GMT's trampoline, labeling them as "high", "higher", and "highest". All these fun activities are sure to make March the "happiest"!

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